Zerorez® was literally built to solve a corporate problem. Our founders Gaylord Karren and John Hopkins were property managers in Texas and were spending thousands of dollars each year ripping up the carpet from over 3,000 apartment units.

No matter what carpet cleaner they used, the residue left behind would always cause dirt and grime to come back worse in a rather short period of time. They finally decided there had to be a better way.

After years of searching, they found their answer in Powered Water®. Powered Water® could clean carpets without using harsh chemicals or leaving behind dirt-attracting residue.

That meant carpets would stay on the ground longer which meant a larger bottom line!

Introducing The Most Advanced & Cost-Effective Approach To Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

Our patented commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix and commercial hard surface cleaning improves your working spaces. Poor maintenance practices increase wear and decrease commercial carpet life.

Additionally, we also clean commercial flooring surfaces like ceramic, tile, laminate, vinyl flooring, and concrete. With Zerorez® Phoenix, there is no soap and no detergents. We use our own alkaline water solution.

Your business gets less disruption. Less spending over time. More results.

The Zerorez® Phoenix commercial cleaning system is perfect for doctors and dentist offices, daycare centers, gyms, churches, corporate buildings, and other facilities where germ-and-residue-free cleaning is critical.

Not all commercial carpet cleaning services are equal.

Zerorez® doesn’t just move dirt around—we actually remove it. That’s why the nation’s largest carpet manufacturers call us to solve their toughest cleaning challenges.

You, too, can call on Zerorez® Phoenix.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix Offers Your Company The Following Benefits:

  • We remove chemicals and soap residue from past carpet cleanings. Our commercial carpet cleaning is non-toxic. You get a healthier workplace for both employees and customers.
  • We use our own mineral-free, purified alkaline water called Powered Water®.
  • We provide advanced spotter kits and fiber protectants.
  • Your carpet, floors, and surfaces dry faster and stay clean longer. This results in less disruption to your business.
  • We come back less often by removing harmful, residue-attracting, soaps from your flooring. This increases carpet and surface life. Our commercial carpet cleaning service protects and extends your facilities investment.
  • With Zerorez® Phoenix, you only need one contractor for all your needs: carpet, area rugs, tile & grout, granite, marble, fine stone, hardwood floors, vinyl flooring, upholstery, and concrete.
  • We work around your company schedules, cleaning after hours or on Saturdays.
  • Regular maintenance schedules are also available to fit with budgets and business calendars.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning That Can Save Your Company Money Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix ZR

Is Commercial Carpet Replacement in Your Future?

The commercial carpeting in your office is starting to look really bad. Dark looking stains seem to be gracing you with their presence everywhere, even though you just had your carpets cleaned.

What in the heck is going on, am I right?!

You’re proud of your business! You want to present a clean and healthy image. Your soiled carpet is starting to give your business a dingy image to your employees and your clients.  

And now even cleaning doesn’t seem to help anymore! Are you going to have to face the fact that an expensive commercial carpet replacement job is in your future?  

Oye vey! This simply cannot happen.

It can be frustrating to have your commercial carpets cleaned but not get the result you want, and more frequent cleaning does not seem to help anymore either.

With Zerorez® Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix, we see these kinds of issues on the daily, my friend.

We totally get it.

The Secret To Maintaining Carpet

The secret to perfectly maintained commercial carpeting is a proper combination of thorough vacuuming, pile lifting, and soap-free cleaning.     

Many carpet cleaners and janitorial services have not kept up with new techniques and technologies. They still use inexpensive, soil attracting soaps and detergents, which not only leave a sticky residue behind but welcomes back dirt with open arms!

Adding insult to injury is the fact that these soaps and detergent almost never get removed or rinsed from your carpeting either.

Cleaning after cleaning results in these residues building-up in your carpet, until the soil and detergent load is so high that future cleaning simply won’t solve the problem.

This results in carpets re-soiling very quickly and spots coming back unwelcomed.

In addition, the heavy traffic experienced in a business setting means the carpet fibers are smashed down and the stickiness keeps the fibers compressed together.

And then the horror happens… *insert horror movie music here*

Each time soap is added to the carpet after that point, the problem has no choice but to get worse and worse and the soap residue multiplies!

Unfortunately, traditional cleaning just cannot penetrate the residue-laden fibers to clean them, without adding more to the pile. Thus, the issue of carpet replacement enters the conversation, dun dun dun!

When, in reality, a restorative commercial carpet cleaning with the right company can solve the problem at hand. As the name implies, restorative carpet cleaning is designed to dig out the heavy build-up of soil, soap, and detergent and give your saddened carpet life, once again!

This saves the commercial carpet owner thousands of dollars in replacement costs.  Not to mention, it keeps thousands of pounds of carpet out of the local landfill…

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix

Your next questions probably are; what is restorative commercial carpet cleaning? And what does commercial restorative carpet cleaning cost?

We’re sure glad you asked. Let us tell you!

Restorative carpet cleaning tackles the issue of heavy soil and detergent build-up with a simple, professional, two-step solution.

The first step is to use a pile lifter– we call that a ZrLifter™ here at Zerorez® Phoenix.  It is a special brushing tool designed to lift and separate the pile and to fluff up the carpet fibers, making the cleaning more effective!

The next is to clean with our patented alkaline water, which doesn’t use soap or detergent i.e., Zerorez®’s Powered Water®.

The objective is to completely cleanse the fibers of the multiple embedded layers of soap and detergent left behind from previous traditional cleanings.

Pile lifting in combination with removing old soap, detergent, and soil, will revitalize the carpet’s fibers and renew the colors dulled by the soapy residue!

Not tot mention the fact that the carpet will stay Cleaner Longer™ now that you’ve said se la vie to all of those soil-attracting, sticky residues.

The result is a more vibrant, cleaner, and simply happier-looking carpet! Now you can finally kick your feet up and relax, knowing that your carpet is truly clean, for the first time in a long time.


Zerorez® Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

Of course, if your carpet is truly worn out, pile lifting and cleansing out old soap and residue won’t restore already-long-gone carpet fibers.  However, you may still get another two or three years of usage with the Zerorez® Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix restoration process!

For those of you who feel they may be faced with commercial carpet replacement in the near future due to poor cleaning and maintenance practices, we invite you to call us for a free, no-cost consultation to get a better idea of what steps we need to take!

Zerorez® Phoenix can truly help revitalize and restore the look of your carpet at a fraction of the price of installing new floor covering because no one wants to do that!