With a timeless look, a leather sofa can really enhance the appearance of your living room or office. We buy leather furniture with the expectation that it is maintenance-free and easy. Leather is allergy free, repels pet dander, and is durable. Cleaning leather would seem so brainless and easy, just wipe it down with water every once in a while right?  


Using an excess of water can actually dry the leather out so be careful. Also leather needs to be properly cleaned and conditioned. Using the wrong products on leather can drastically shorten the time you have with it as well. Let’s take a closer look at leather furniture. 


Improper Cleaning for Leather

Leather is sensitive to chemicals. Let’s quickly touch on some products that definitely shouldn’t be used on leather furniture. 

Disinfecting wipes are a big one mainly because a lot of them use alcohol as a disinfectant. Alcohol is good at removing paint (and leather dye) from surfaces so keep that in mind. Later on, we will get into the different types of leather but remember if the leather you are trying to disinfect is pigmented leather then it could remove the pigment in the spots you are trying to clean. 

Glass cleaner is kind of a go-to cleaner for most people. This is because people often mistake it for a harmless cleaner. However, lots of glass cleaners also contain alcohol so be aware of that. 

Fingernail polish remover is another chemical we have heard people recommend. We do not recommend using it, however. It can leave bleached-looking spots on the areas it touches due to the acetone. 

The last major product we want to warn against is using the wrong kind of polish on your leather couch. Shoe polish and leather conditioner are two different products. Shoe leather is tanned differently than the leather for couches. Applying the wrong product on your leather couch will not only be bad for the couch…

…but you will also have a hard time cleaning the shoe polish off of your pants or any other thing that comes into contact with that area. 


Proper Cleaning for Leather

Think of leather cleaning kind of like cleaning your hair. Yes, you can just shampoo it or use a standard leather cleaner on it but that will just dry it out. Unlike hair though leather is no longer attached to the animal and loses its natural oils. In order to restore those oils, it needs to be conditioned after the cleaning. 

The product we use at Zerorez is a leather cleaner and conditioner. We reapply the good oils restoring the leather and leaving it extra soft. 

Living in our dry Arizona climate we recommend having your leather upholstery professionally cleaned and conditioned every 12-18 months. We pay a high price for leather because it lasts a long time when it is properly maintained. The key word here is “properly maintained.” The best thing you can do to extend the life of your leather is to have it cleaned and conditioned by Zerorez. 


Types of Leather

Here are the four most common types of leather:

  • Pigmented leather is leather that has been “painted” a uniform color with a polish. The best way to find that out is if the couch is an unnatural color such as red, purple, or green. 
  • Aniline leather is similar in nature to a “stain” that has been applied to the leather. The natural markings of the hide will be brought out by the translucent synthetic dye that was applied to it. If you scratch the leather, a light mark will be left.  
  • Nubuck leather is the top grain of the hide that has been brushed giving it a soft textured appearance. It is more durable than suede due to it being the top part of the hide. Nubuck is more commonly found in shoes, briefcases, jackets, and wallets. We have seen car upholstery and couches made from it. Unfortunately, the only way to clean nubuck is to use a special brush and no moisture or products. 
  • Suede is the flesh side of a piece of leather while Nubuck leathers have an effect done to the grain side, making it incredibly soft. It is textured much like Nubuck and for that reason, it is also not safe to use any products on it without altering the texture. 


Benefits of Zerorez® 

Having Zerorez clean your leather restores those healthy oils back to the surface. Leather is made to last a long time, let us aid in protecting your investment and ensuring your leather furniture has a healthy lifespan. 

We clean a variety of other surfaces in your home as well! Areas like carpet, tile, upholstery, area rugs, and granite countertops. All without the use of soap or harsh chemicals. Instead, we use our Zr Water® 

After cleaning with  Zerorez and our Zr Water there’s no need to fear what may be left behind on your carpets or other surfaces. We leave your carpets insanely clean™ And our Zr Water is safe enough to drink™. Can’t beat that! 

We have over 90,000 reviews online, so check them out! You will see why so many people in the valley love Zerorez! 


Brandon was absolutely amazing!! He was early, explained everything, did an amazing job – my rugs have never looked better. He also offered to clean my leather furniture – which I didn’t know was a service Zerorez offered. Now my rugs and my leather furniture all look fantastic – I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!” 

-Kelly C (Listen360)