One thing we have learned after talking to our customers about remodeling their kitchens; apparently it can be overwhelming.  Color scheme? Which style of cabinets would go with that color scheme? What would be the right countertop? Although we can’t help them with the cabinets or the color we can definitely offer some insight on the countertops! 

Seeing as it’s a main focal point in any kitchen or bathroom, a lot of consideration should be put into choosing the right countertop. 

Here at Zerorez® we are trained in cleaning and sealing natural stone and tile countertops, and we have seen it aaaaaaall. To start there are two types of countertops, natural stone and engineered. 



Natural countertops are considered the most luxurious choices you can make. They are all completely different, no two countertops are the same when it comes from natural material. 


Granite is mined with its own distinct patterns and specks, and brings a very unique and personalized look to your kitchen. Color variety isn’t lacking either, so you can find a color or pattern that matches whatever your heart desires. 

It is also a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it is heat resistant (no need to worry about where to put that hot pan) and scratch-resistant (so you can really scrub it without worry). 

When choosing a countertop you really need to consider the maintenance along with the look and strength. With granite it is super important to get that countertop sealed upon install. You can’t tell but granite is a very porous surface and it can absorb stains or cooking oils with ease. The unfortunate thing about granite is that in most cases, once it’s absorbed an oil or staining substance, it’s not going anywhere. 

At Zerorez®

our nanotechnology sealant actually fills the porous areas of the stone preventing stains from absorbing into it. As long as you wipe them down with our Seal Weekly once a week the sealant will last a lifetime. 

Additionally, cleaning this beautiful material with our Zr Water® in between applications will keep it residue-free and help protect your investment! 



Travertineis the answer if you’re looking for classic beauty and natural durability. It’s been a popular stone of choice since the Roman Era and used in buildings like the colosseum! 

Trhey are a healthy mixture of natural beauty and antique elegance. The variety of travertine is extensive as well. It comes in near endless options of cream, grey, blue, and ivory. Not only are they great for kitchens and bathrooms but also great for outdoor patio surfaces since they hold up… well, as a well as a trojan warrior! 

The Downside

Just like most other natural stone, it is porous. Probably the most porous of the stone options. Having it cleaned and sealed regularly is going to be must in keeping your travertine countertops looking great over time.  

Something else to keep in mind with travertine is that it’s not tolerant to acids. Meaning if you spill orange juice, vinegar, or use an acidic cleaner you run the risk of damaging those gorgeous countertops!

Good thing our Zr Water® is alkaline and is really good at cleaning travertine so you don’t need to worry! 


Now, we know what you’re asking yourself. Is there a natural stone that’s NOT porous? That DOESN’T need to be sealed? Well, actually yes! Soapstone is the answer to that question. It is non-porous and does not require sealant. 

To your kitchen soapstone is a very beautiful natural addition. It comes in a variety of different colors AND can be recycled. But wait… there’s more! It’s a heat resistant stone and has more give than harder stones like granite. The plus side of that being that the overhang is more durable and won’t crack as easily. Ahhh but we said PLUS SIDE, good catch. Since there is a plus side to the softness of the stone, there has to be a downside doesn’t there?

The Downside

Well, the downside of a softer material like soapstone for your countertops is that it does scratch much more easily. One more thing though, is the maintenance… Soapstone needs to be regularly oiled with mineral oil. This brings out the natural leathery, soapy feel. Hence the name. 



One of the major benefits of buying synthetic countertops is the cost, but that’s not the only perk. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell the difference between natural stone and a synthetic countertop. 



Quartz is a commonly engineered countertop, it looks like a natural stone but has added benefits and none of the downsides. 

These countertops are made from, you guessed it, crushed quartz crystals held together by resin. Being non-porous and stain-resistant are two of the major upsides of installing this material. Unlike granite and travertine which is very porous by nature, you don’t need to seal your quartz countertops. The best thing to maintain quartz is Zr Water®!

Although it is engineered it has that three-dimensional appearance like marble or granite unlike other engineered choices such as laminate. A major downside of this variety of countertops is that they can get expensive, but like the old cliche says,  you get what you pay for. 

The Downside

Nothing is perfect though, so it’s also good to keep in mind that quartz is not made to withstand high temperatures. You shouldn’t place hot pans or baking sheets directly onto your quartz countertop as this could cause permanent damage.



If cost is a concern for you, laminate countertops are a worthy option. The best thing about laminate is that there are so many variations to choose from, let’s be real, the options are basically endless. From contemporary to rustic there is a laminate that will fit the look. 

Maintenance is simple, the surface is not porous and is resistant to staining. They are inexpensive and simple to clean. All you need to do is wipe them down with our high alkaline water to keep them clean, what more could you want? 

The Downside

The major downside to laminate counters is that they are made from compressed particle board with a print glued onto it. Meaning that they are not able to withstand high temperatures and don’t have nearly the lifespan that the other options have. But hey, we’ve talked to a lot of people that wouldn’t choose anything but laminate for their countertops. What about you? 


What do you consider the right countertop?



Like quartz, Corian is another hardy man-made countertop where the pros heavily outweigh the cons. 

A lot of people may say that Corian is outdated, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For us here at Zerorez® we think that it depends a lot on your personal style and the style of your kitchen. 

Much like quartz, Corian is a blend of minerals, stone, and acrylic polymers to hold it together. Also like quartz, it is a non-porous and stain resistant countertop. The main difference between the two options is that Quartz is mafe to mimic natural stone, while Corian has a look very unique to itself. 

When it comes to Corian countertops there are hundreds of different colors and styles to choose from. Much like laminate, you can find any color or design to fit your needs. 

Two good things about Corian is that you can integrate sinks and drainboards into the counters and they are a less expensive option than quartz or natural stone. They are also incredibly easy to keep clean! Which is definitely a selling point. Just like the other engineered counters you just need to wipe them down with our Zr Water® when they get dirty. The main issue with Corian is that because it is so widely considered an outdated material, you would want to consider the resell value it would add to your home. 


Choosing the right countertop is a hard choice!

No Matter What You Choose, Choose Zerorez®. 

Although natural stone has a very elegant and exclusive look, it is more costly and requires some serious maintenance. The silver lining to stone maintenance though, is Zerorez®! Booking an appointment is easy! Our process is simple and fast and will keep your natural stone looking great for years to come. Follow professional maintenance up with our Zr Water® for daily cleaning. 


We can also help maintain your engineered choice as well! Our Zr Water® is effortless when it comes to cleaning. We soften and electrolyze it at our shop giving it the power to clean like soap without leaving a residue!  No residue means your countertops stay cleaner longer! Plus, with Zr Water® there is no need to lock it in a cabinet or up on a high shelf. Display that bottle with pride my friend, as you’ve got an environmentally friendly and 100% non-toxic way to maintain your countertops.