Searching for a professional carpet cleaning company can be a bit of drag. So let’s make it as easy as possible for ya!

While there are more than a few great carpet cleaners in Gilbert, AZ, we think Zerorez® Phoenix is the best option. Maybe we’re biased… but there really is only one place that does what we do.

We’ve been servicing the area of Gilbert, AZ for quite some time now– we know the area, we know the people (we love the people), and we certainly know how to clean for the area!

Zerorez® Phoenix offers the following expert services to Gilbert, AZ:

Our cleaning services are designed to treat your carpets right, while also having the added benefit of being non-toxic, and kid and pet-friendly!

So what makes our the Zerorez® carpet cleaners in Gilbert, AZ different from other companies you might stumble upon in the area? Let us tell you!

What Makes Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Different?

Two words my friend– Powered Water®, which is a Zerorez® original, and can only be used with our process.

In fact, our entire process is different from the norm. Zerorez® carpet cleaners in Gilbert uses different products, different tools, and devices, and boasts incredibly knowledgeable technicians and amazing customer service.

But what does that mean to you?! This is what it means:

Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer™ & Dry Faster

With Zerorez® carpet cleaners in Gilbert, AZ, your carpets will stay cleaner longer!

Most traditional carpet cleaners use shampoos, soaps, and massive amounts of water that flood the backing of your carpet. More often than not, the cleaning equipment used is not capable of suctioning out all of that extra water and soap way that has settled deep into the fibers and backing of your carpet.

So you’re probably thinking, what does that mean? It means it stays there! All of that water and soaps gets sucked up by the carpet and dries there– but not quickly, no. It will take a verrrryyyyy long time to dry.

Have you ever noticed that after a traditional carpet cleaning, that once your carpet dries, it’s sort of crunchy?

Have you ever wondered why is this?

Well, my friend, today is your lucky day because we’re going to tell you why! This happens because of the soaps and chemicals used to clean have dried into your carpet, which essentially crusts over your carpet fibers, creating that crunchy carpet feeling!

Many of us consider this the norm of professional carpet cleaning, and so we don’t ever think that it shouldn’t be crunchy after cleaning right? Because that’s all we know!

Unless you’ve had the pleasure of experience a Zerorez® carpet cleaning, then you wouldn’t expect any different results from a professional cleaning.

See, a Zerorez® carpet cleaning does not leave crunchy carpet behind.

This is because of our patented Powered Water® combined with the Zerorez® carpet cleaning process, puts the perfect cleaning system in place.

Our carpet cleaning equipment is able to quickly power-wash the area with Powered Water®, and immediately create a high-powered suction to pull the water solution right back up, along with all of the embedded dirt and soil. 

There’s hardly any water left on your carpet fibers, and certainly, no soaps or chemicals left behind, making it the perfect combination of clean, and kid and pet-friendly. Which brings us to our next point:

Zero Residue® Carpet Cleaning™

Because Powered Water® is just that, water, there are no harsh chemicals left behind, meaning No Residue® is left behind. Therefore, stains are far less likely to re-appear after a visit from the Zerorez® carpet cleaners in Gilbert, AZ.

How is this possible you ask?

Well, as we lightly touched on above, after a traditional cleaning, those harsh chemicals/soaps dry into your carpet, causing that crunchy, slightly sticky residue beneath your feet.

And what does sticky mean? Gummy. Adhesive. Gluey.

All those words have the same thing in common, don’t they? Meaning, they allow things to bind together. To “stick” together, right?

Therefore, after a traditional cleaning, your carpet is only clean for the moment, but the leftover residue of chemicals and soaps become a magnet for dirt and grime. This means the carpet simply won’t stay clean for long, as it begins collecting dirt again immediately!


With Zerorez® carpet cleaners in Gilbert, AZ comes Zero Residue® after a professional carpet cleaning.

We simply don’t use harsh chemicals and soaps, so you won’t have to worry about stains sticking around, or recollecting more grime. We wash it once, and it’s gone, taking its sticky partner in crime, Residue, with it!

No harsh chemicals, means a nice non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning. Who doesn’t want to do better for the environment right?

Let us tell you more about that:

We Clean Green™

The very best part of our process that ties all of these amazing Zerorez®  benefits together is the fact that our Powered Water® is environmental-friendly, making all of this awesomeness possible!

We Clean Green™, as our Powered Water® is only water that is enhanced through a patented electrolysis process and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution, free from harmful toxins or chemicals.

This allows for a squeaky clean, residue-free result, without having to release harmful chemicals and toxins not only into your home where your family resides, but also into the precious environment. After all, we only have one planet right?

As they say, there is no planet B, and Zerorez® carpet cleaners in Gilbert, AZ understand this!

Taking The First Step To Residue Free®

Looking for the best option for your carpets can be difficult.

There is a great deal of research, and consideration that goes into finding the right carpet cleaning company. However, contacting Zerorez® Phoenix is extremely easy.

Simply call in and talk with one of our many knowledgeable specialists over the phone. Our specialists will help you to identify the best course of action, exact pricing, and offer the appropriate treatment plan, based on your individual needs.

Not only can we get you all the information you need for your decision-making process, but we’re also extremely polite and professional. Just an all-around friendly mom-and-pop like carpet cleaning service for Gilbert, AZ!

You want to make the right choice for your clean, but also the company who will provide the friendliest and most professional customer service, the Zerorez® way.

Does it really get any better than that?

Zerorez® Carpet Cleaners in Gilbert, AZ

The Zerorez® carpet cleaners in Gilbert, AZ, has a unique, stellar, and completely professional cleaning process when we come out to your Gilbert home to freshen up your carpets!

When it comes time for your carpet cleaning appointment, our knowledgeable carpet cleaning technicians will show up in the nick-of-time in a beautiful Zerorez® cleaning van, and professional Zerorez® polos.

The technician will begin with a pre-inspection of the area, explain what their cleaning process will look like before he even goes to work, to make sure everyone is comfortable with the process.

We will begin with a thorough pre-treatment that agitates the embedded soils deep within the carpet fibers.

And then the Zerorez® magic happens- we extract those monstrous soils using our Powered Water® of course.

As an additional service, we can also apply our stain treatment to any areas of the carpet you feel may need it– whether it’s a pet stain, traffic stains, or even pesky juice or wine stains– so book with your Zerorez® carpet cleaners in Gilbert, AZ, or book online below! We’ll see you soon.