Grow Boldly In A Zerorez® Career

Zerorez® is fiercely committed to our people and the communities we serve. We work hard to grow, serve, improve, and help others. Our leadership team lives this mission daily and this instills an extraordinary culture of integrity and accountability. These values reach beyond our open and welcoming environment, (although that is a wonderful bonus)!

Our Mission Is To:






Our mission can be best noted by our actions: we promote career growth of our employees, constantly lead volunteer efforts, and of course, we provide the community with environmentally friendly services. We invite you to bring your talents to Zerorez® and grow with us and our mission!

Find Your Career Path

Zerorez® offers several career paths for all kinds of talents and personalities. No matter your gifts, you can find rewarding work here.

We encourage you to set your sights high, because we will always help you explore opportunities to grow in your career with us.


We are currently hiring for technicians at our Gilbert and North Phoenix locations. Learn More about becoming a Zerorez® Technician!

Customer Service Rep.

We are currently seeking friendly, computer savy customer service reps.  Learn more about becoming a Zerorez® CSR!

What We Offer