It’s the hap-happiest time… of the year! Oh, you know, when the kiddos go back to school after a summer of 100-degree heat and hours of “I’m bored”s. Yeah, we know how it is. 


You’re probably sitting down to enjoy your first kid-free morning of the school year with your coffee and …. Oh, dang it. You’re not the only one that has endured eight weeks of children, look at your poor home! 


If it’s anything like this mom’s home, you’re staring at discarded clothes, some dolls (man they need a hairbrush), blankets… is that a sock on my couch? Oh and don’t even get me started on the kitchen… Uh.. is that jelly, on my rug?! Something like that maybe? How do you get your home back in order after the summer chaos? With the kids back to school,  where do you even begin?! Don’t worry mama, we got you. 


Start with the clutter

They say the best way to stay engaged in something is to have quick success. Well cleaning the clutter is a quick way to be able to take a step back and feel like you’re making progress. My favorite way to kick the kid clutter is to take out the laundry baskets. With a large family, I have A LOT of those. I put them all out in the center of my home and I started throwing everything on the floor in them, but organized, you know? Like recycling bins, but for stuff! 


Each kid’s room has a basket, the playroom has one too. There is a basket for dirty clothes, one for shoes, I could go on and on. You can leave the laundry baskets out in the room as you clean and throw stuff in them as you find them. Once you’re ready it’s easy to grab each corresponding basket and put things where they belong. This prevents the “circle game” as I like to call it. Where you pick up something, take it, and put it away only to find something there that belongs somewhere else and soon you’re walking around the house in, well, circles. 


The Kitchen has got to be next

If you’re anything like me you just don’t feel human with a sink full of dishes. They taunt me, peaking over the top of the sink, like ‘here I am… food just hardening on…’. But, you can’t do the dishes with cluttered counters so you gotta clean those first. And Maybe it’s just better to start at the top and work your way down to those dishes. We have an awesome blog about how to properly clean your kitchen. Check it out and breathe easy, you got this. 


Take it one room at a time

Now that the major issues are out of the way it’s time to start tackling the rest of the house. When it comes to the bathroom there is another great blog on our site you can check out on the best way to do that. Don’t get overwhelmed by everything that has to be done, remember, you have already made excellent progress! Focusing on one room at a time can help make things a little easier to manage. I like to start with the least favorite rooms first, like the … duh duh duh… bathrooms. And then work my way to the easiest rooms in the house. In my house, believe it or not, my three-year-old’s room is the easiest, she likes to keep it pretty clean. 


Organize in Clean

Once you’ve got all the rooms all nice and clean that is when it’s more fun to organize things. There is nothing worse than pulling out a closet full of stuff on top of a house already full of stuff. That is a quick way to ‘what was I thinking?!’ That’s why organizing is a task best done in an already clean environment. 


When organizing spaces it’s best to do one area at a time. Don’t decide you’re going to organize the entire house in one Tuesday afternoon, it just won’t happen and you’ll have a mess sitting around for days. Instead, tackle one area at a time. How about the junk drawer on a Tuesday afternoon? It can take a surprisingly long time to reorganize an area as small as a junk drawer, but you’ll feel great having the task completed. 


Call in the pros 

Look at you go! You’ve worked so hard and got your house clean and shiny after the long summer. Now it’s time to sit back and let Zerorez take care of the rest. Our Residue Free® process can clean up those jello spills, along with just about anything else the summer may have brought your way. If that isn’t awesome enough, we can do it all without the use of any soaps, detergents, and harsh chemicals. That’s just a really long way of saying it’s safe for kids and pets! The Zerorez process also keeps floors cleaner longer since there is nothing left behind to attract dirt. So when your little bursts of sunshine come running through the door, throwing their stuff everywhere, you’ll be able to enjoy your time with them knowing your home is Insanely Clean™.