Granite Cleaning & Sealing

Granite is popular for kitchen counters as it’s a beautiful and tough natural stone. Did you know though, that granite is also porous? The best way to protect your granite countertops from staining is to have them cleaned and sealed by Zerorez®. 


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Why Zerorez® Seal

Zerorez® can make your granite surfaces more hygienic with our nano-technology sealer*, applied by our trained professionals. Our proprietary product actually fills the porous areas of your granite surfaces creating a healthier area for food prep. 

*Sealant provided at additional cost.

“I love the granite clean and seal! Liquids bead up on the granite again! My travertine floors and shower were cleaned and sealed. Looks clean and water beads up on it! My experience with the employees was great. My tech called in back up so she could finish my job in a timely manner. I love the cleaning products, Zr Water and granite seal protectant that I purchased with my cleaning. This is my second time using Zerorez.”

-Melissa B. [Listen 360]

Mattress Cleaning by Zerorez®

Mattresses can be breeding grounds for a lot of icky things. You wash your sheets, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress?


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Why Choose Zerorez® For Mattress Cleaning

You wash your sheets, but how long has it been since you’ve cleaned your mattress? After cleaning with Zerorez® you can rest easy knowing your mattress is insanely clean®. The patented Zerorez® process is perfect for your mattress because we do not use harmful chemicals or cleaning agents. 

“I liked the two-hour window for arrival time, along with the call to alert me 15 minutes prior to the technician’s arrival. The technician was incredibly professional and thorough, and he explained the Zerorez process to me in terms that I could understand! My carpets and rug look great, and I was so happy to get my mattress cleaned!!! I’ve already recommended your company to two colleagues with whom I work. I will DEFINITELY be calling Zerorez the next time I need tile, carpet, rugs, or mattresses cleaned. Thank you for a fantastic experience.”

-Kathleen C. [Listen 360]

Zerorez® Auto Interior Cleaning

Zerorez® is the answer for all your home living surfaces so why not your vehicle as well? We spend a lot of time in our cars and let’s face it, life can happen there too! Refresh the interior of your vehicle with the power of the Zerorez® process.


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Auto Cleaning The Zerorez® Way

Keeping your car looking great is easy with Zerorez®. Our Zr Water® is able to remove dirt and oils from your fabric upholstery without the use of soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals. Leaving the inside of your car looking great and staying cleaner longer. Plus, it’s safe for kids, pets… the entire family!

“Zerorez was very responsive to my inquiry about auto upholstery and able to accommodate my request for Saturday service even as late as Friday afternoon prior! We had used Zerorez before in our home on rugs and upholstery and we were highly satisfied with those results. I use my car in a rideshare service and the upholstery was in dire need of professional attention. The results were outstanding …… Zerorez left all the other detailers we had used previously in the dust and the difference in price was very minimal. We won’t hesitate to use them again as necessary … we know we will get good value for our money.”

-Jim T. [Listen 360]

Sealing & Protecting Surfaces

You’ve just had Zerorez® out to clean and everything looks amazing! Sealing and protecting your surfaces can help guard against staining and help in keeping your living surfaces looking awesome longer!


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Why Seal and Protect? 

The surfaces that you use in your home most often are typically porous, which means they soak up the things that come into contact with them. This includes your carpet, upholstery, grout, stone tile, and granite! After cleaning with Zerorez® we recommend re-applying the factory protectant to carpeting in order to help protect the carpet fibers from damage and give you more time to clean up spills before staining occurs. When we clean hard surfaces it’s a great idea to have them sealed which will help prevent staining from spills and oils. 

“My carpets look brand new and the additional treatment for the pet urine worked wonders! I am very happy with the results. The tech was also very friendly and very knowledgeable and provided us a lot of great information on the process. She recommended the protectant and I am glad we decided to go with that option as well to help us care for the area in the future. We will for sure use the service again for the rest of the house and will recommend to friends and neighbors.”

-Heather E. [Listen 360]

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