The Zerorez® Phoenix Story

Back in February 2004, Casey decided to introduce a whole new kind of cleaning to the people of Arizona. He had witnessed the awesome cleaning power of Zr Water® and knew that the carpets in the valley of the sun would want to experience a clean like no other.

February 2004

Zerorez® Phoenix opens shop and starts delivering insanely clean™ carpets to the homes of the valley.

November 2008

20,000 homes zerorezified®!


Zerorez® Phoenix earns the Zerorez® Best Practices Award.

December 2012

100,000 rooms of carpet zerorezified®!


Franchise of The Year!

March 2014

North Phoenix location opens, allowing us to better serve our West Valley customers.

February 2015

30,000 rooms of tile zerorezified®!


Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Business Award winner.

December 2016

55,000 customers have had us back for more!

August 2017

1.25 million sqft of Area Rugs zerorezified®!

March 2018

Zerorez® introduces the Zr Wand™, providing a more complete clean & significantly improved dry times.

February 2019

New North Phoenix shop opens.

May 2007

Cleaned our first airplane! Boats, RVs, and cars oh my! We’ve cleaned it all.

June 2009

Welcomed our 5th truck to the fleet. All the better to clean your home with!


Zerorez® Phoenix earns the Zerorez® Best Practices Award for the 2nd time.

August 2013

Moved to new Gilbert location.

February 2014

Zerorez® Phoenix Arizona turns 10!

July 2014

75,000 homes zerorezified®!


BBB Ethics Award winner!

April 2016

Introduced the Zr Lifter®. The Zr Lifter® helps to dislodge deeply embedded dirt, hair, and more from the carpet fibers that conventional vacuuming does not remove.

January 2017

20,000 gallons of Zr Water® sold!

October 2017

Zerorez® refreshes its brand image.

May 2018

More than 500,000 rooms of carpet zerorezified®!

July 2020

More than 10,000 reviews on Google!