Sometimes the best way to choose a great, reliable company, is to have a personal connection with them. Sure you get good and fast service with big-box companies like Starbucks or Nike, but where is the personal connection?

The best businesses are the ones that are locally owned, operated, with some deep roots in the area. Wouldn’t you agree?

Luckily for Zerorez® Phoenix, we have plenty of mom-and-pop style customer service and rich history in the Phoenix area.

Back in 2004, our awesome owner, Casey, has a brilliant idea. After witnessing the awesome cleaning power of Zr Water®, Casey decided to introduce a whole new kind of cleaning to the people of Arizona. He knew that the carpets in the valley of the sun would want, and need, to experience a clean like no other.

So in February 2004, Zerorez® Phoenix was born, opening up shop to deliver insanely clean™ carpets to the homes of the valley. In just a few short years, in 2007, Zerorez® Phoenix began hitting great strides– we cleaned our very first batch of airplanes, boats, RVs, and cars! We do it all!

By November 2008, we had zerorezified® 20,000 homes in the valley. One year later, we welcomed our 5th truck to the fleet. All the better to clean your home with!

Fast forward to 2011, Zerorez® Phoenix earns the Zerorez® Best Practices Award and again in 2012!

By December 2012, we had officially zerorezified® 100,000 rooms of carpet in the valley! Holy moly!

One year later, as business continued to expand in the valley, so did we. We required a bit more space to accommodate the cleaning of your Phoenix homes, so we moved to a larger location in Gilbert Arizona. Coincidentally, that’s the same year we won the Franchise of the Year award.

In 2014, Zerorez® Phoenix hit its ten-year mark, leading us to open a North Phoenix location, allowing us to better serve our West Valley customers. Later that year, we hit a milestone of 75,000 homes zerorezified®!

Fast Forward to 2015

Things continued to look up for Zerorez® Phoenix, because in 2015, as we achieved 30,000 rooms of tile zerorezified®, we were also the winners of the BBB Ethics Award AND the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Business Award winner.!

Not terribly long after, in April of 2016, we introduced our newest revolutionary technology– the Zr Lifter®. The Zr Lifter® helps to dislodge deeply embedded dirt, hair, and more from the carpet fibers that conventional vacuuming does not remove. By the end of that year, we had 55,000 customers who swore by our cleaning process and had us back for more!

At this time, Zr Water® was becoming so popular for its amazing cleaning properties, that we sold 20,000 gallons of it! Green cleaning anyone?

P.S. if you’re unfamiliar with Zr Water®, it’s a patented Zerorez® technology-enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals. Come pick up your very own bottle at our Gilbert location and give it a try yourself!

If you don’t believe us, then get this– by 2017, we zerorezified® 1.25 million sqft of Area Rugs! Ever had your area rug cleaned? If you were a fan of Zerorez® by then, then perhaps you also know that in 2017 we refreshed our brand image!

We made even great strides in 2018, as we introduced our powerful new Zr Wand™, now able to provide even more of a completely clean & significantly improved dry times for our clients’ floors. This assisted us in achieving a complete zerorezification® for more than 500,000 rooms of carpet in the valley!

Zerorez® Phoenix Today

This brings us to today, still reaching and achieving our goals, with over 10,000 reviews on Google, and thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers.

Zerorez® is a people company that happens to clean carpets. Our mission is to become the most trusted provider in our industry. Trust means that our people are highly trained and highly competent in the services they provide; and that they exhibit integrity in all their interactions.

We are committed to always doing the right thing in every circumstance, especially when no one is looking. In essence, we strive to live the golden rule. This ethic applies to everyone with whom we associate.

Our Promise is to make sure your experience at Zerorez® Phoenix is exceptional we promise that you will receive:

  •  Truly clean carpets and surfaces
  •  Performed with the best technology,
  •  By trained, courteous technicians,
  •  To your satisfaction, and

If you are not happy we will make it right!

The Zerorez® Guarantee

Zerorez® offers a 30-day Gotta Love It Guarantee™. If, within 30 days of your appointment, you’re unsatisfied with your Zerorez® Experience—for any reason at all— before you do anything else give us a call! We will gladly return and address the areas of concern.

Zerorez® may be a large franchise, but thanks to Casey, Zerorez® was able to reach and develop roots in Phoenix, becoming one of the greatest, local, and revolutionary carpet cleaning companies in the valley– and we’re proud to be here!