Wouldn’t life be better if the house was just clean all the time? Anytime the kids kicked off their shoes they just magically landed on the shoe rack? Your husband put his dishes in the dishwasher instead of in the sink.  And showers never got soap buildup! Ahhhh what a world that would be… Now, we can’t design a perfect house that cleans itself.  What we can do is offer some tips on how to make it as easy as possible to clean! 

So what are some common household messes? 



Well, for starters we believe everyone at one point or another has a clutter problem. Listen, having lots of toys, books, plants, or whatever you’re into isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

No judgment is being passed here. Seriously, you should see our marketing team’s offices.

Plant City, if you know what I mean… but it is tasteful and still organized.

So we have established that owning lots of things isn’t such a bad idea as long as everything has a home. Just remember, the more stuff you have, the more stuff you have to pick up to dust around. Glass cases, wooden milk crates, or any other type of decorative box will help you out big time. 


Get rid of the Broom 

Sweeping actually does more harm than good. It never actually gets all of the debris on the floor and in the meantime, kicks up dust onto your other surfaces. 

An easier solution is to vacuum your hard surface flooring instead. There are specially designed vacuums for hard flooring with HEPA filters in them to take this a step further. Not only does vacuuming help cut down on the dust but it also aids in the mopping process too. This is what we call a cleaning twofer. 

When you remove all of the dry soil from a tile floor before you mop, your grout tends to stay cleaner longer. This is because mopping a floor with loose dirt causes the dirt to sink down and absorb into the grout as it’s drying. When you remove the loose dirt you limit the risk of discoloring the grout. 

Easier to Clean Windows

Arizona is so dry, even when it’s not hot enough to fry an egg on the street. Our soil is pretty much sand and when the wind picks up it also kicks up spores, pollen, and just plain old dirt. It may seem like a good idea to get some “fresh air” and open a window or two but that’s actually just going to let in a lot more dust. Keep those windows closed. 



Dust is mainly made up of dead skin cells. Normally we humans shower every day (unless you’re a teenager) which helps cut down on the dust. However, our pets shed skin cells too. Having them groomed regularly will significantly lower the amount of dust in your home. 


Putting a lid over the litter box will also aid in limiting the dust in your home. 


Easier to Clean GRIME BUILD-UP

Shower buildup

Grime in the shower is inevitable, but there are easy habits you can get into to limit it. Did you know one of the hardest things to clean out of a shower is actually the water? Most of the time after a shower, we shut off the water, step out, and forget about it until the next time we shower. The problem with this is the calcium and other minerals in the water. Once the water evaporates all that’s left on the surface is minerals and those can be difficult to scrub off. Not to mention the harsh chemicals you might have to use to do so. 

Take 50 seconds after your showers to squeegee the walls and glass. This will cut out hours of scrubbing and breathing in chemicals in the future. 


Use Natural Products for easier cleaning

There are tons of cleaning products on the market and a lot of them are packed with harsh chemicals. Yeah, these chemicals are good at what they do but to what expense? Mainly your and your family’s health.

Chemicals also leave behind a chemical residue if they are not properly rinsed off of a surface. This not only attracts more dirt back to the area but it is also not healthy to literally have laying around. 

The best way to keep your home clean without chemicals is to use natural products like ZrWater. Our water is not just for cleaning carpets and upholstery. You can use it to clean any surface in your home! 

It’s a high alkaline electrolyzed water that acts like a degreaser but doesn’t have any negative side effects. Sounds great right? 

It’s better than great actually! It’s just downright tremendous. 


Shoe Policy

When you have young children in the home it is best to adopt a “No Shoe” policy. Kids love to crawl around on the floor and of course, stick everything they can find in their mouths. 

Pollen and other allergens can be transferred from your shoes to the floor, then to your child’s mouth. When they are young it’s best to just remove the shoes at the door. 

Shoes also damage your carpet fibers and wear them down faster. Have you ever walked into an older home and noticed that you can see the favored walkways of the inhabitants? Of course, sometimes that might just be dirt and oils and it just needs a cleaning. 

Other times it’s actually damaged fibers, we use the term “traffic wear” to describe this. It is caused by the homeowner constantly agitating the carpet fibers until they become scratched and damaged. Light is unable to transfer through the fiber as well and the area appears shadowy. 

The best way to prolong this from happening is to remove your shoes. 

Speaking of carpet…



Easier to Clean Stains

Slime and coffee are probably the two most common spills we find on carpets.

It’s inescapable when you have carpet and kids, food splatters, drink spills, and crafting accidents are going to happen. The sooner you accept that the easier it is to keep moving forward. 

You can always put an area rug under the dining room table, those are easier to remove and clean than wall-to-wall carpeting. 

Having a very strict no food or drink policy in the living room reduces the chances of those types of accidents. Although, when it’s not the kids spilling it’s your husband… or worse… you. 

But the best way to prevent stains from happening is to never set foot on your carpet ever. Just kidding, we tell everyone that.

 It never gets a laugh.

But maybe someday…

Anywho, the actual best way to prevent staining from happening is to apply carpet protectant after every carpet cleaning. Carpets should be professionally cleaned by Zerorez every 12-18 months anyway to keep them looking nice for as long as possible. 

Not to toot our own horn but… we know how to keep your carpets looking marvelous. 

After the cleaning, we can reapply the factory protectant that all new carpets come with. They apply it at the factory and it helps reduce wear and tear, prevent staining, and makes vacuuming easier. After about 2 years it starts to wear off and after 5 years it’s completely gone. 

Having it reapplied after every cleaning will only aid in ways to make your house easier to clean. So give Zerorez a call today at 480-507-2419 or book an appointment online at zerorezphoenix.com