Phoenix is overflowing with different options for commercial carpet cleaning companies, but luckily (or unfortunately), none of them are quite the same.

We have no doubt that you’ve experienced your share of commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix, and you may have found things you like and dislike about all of these different companies.

Which is certainly a good thing! Finding the right company for your commercial carpet’s needs is important, and finding the wrong one can be a wee bit costly.

Having your company’s carpet routinely cleaned is much more affordable than a premature carpet replacement, don’t you agree?

You want those floors looking fresh and lasting as long as possible.

Which is exactly why education is key!

Between knowing what you like and dislike in a company’s cleaning process, as well as knowing what to look for in your search for a commercial carpet cleaning company, will help you avoid choosing the wrong company for your future carpet endeavors!

Once again, handy dandy Zerorez® Phoenix is here to help you keep your eyes peeled when making this huge decision for your company’s carpets!

Here are 6 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in Phoenix:

1. Look For The Proper Equipment

Every company in Phoenix uses different equipment in their commercial carpet cleaning process. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing which company to use for your company’s carpets.

Because much like shoes, one size DOES NOT fit all… sorry Cinderella.

Certain carpets require certain machines so as not to void the carpet’s warranty.

Upon choosing a professional commercial carpet cleaning company in Phoenix, be sure to check your carpet’s warranty, so you know exactly what cleaning equipment/method is suggested for the best possible clean on your particular type of carpet.

It’s more common than you might think. You will find that many companies treat every kind of carpet the same, using the same equipment no matter what.

If you take anything away from this, it’s that there isn’t one universal machine designed for every scenario. Check the fine print of your carpet warranty and choose the company with the proper cleaning equipment for your beloved commercial carpets!

2. Watch For Outdated Equipment

You may also find, in your search for the perfect commercial carpet cleaning company in Phoenix, that some carpet cleaning companies have out-dated machinery.

Boy can that be scary!

This is bad for so many reasons, including safety. Old equipment, even if properly maintained over many years, should be replaced by newer models when it’s time.

It’s just how things should be okay? We don’t make the rules!! (or do we?)

The older a carpet cleaning machine gets, the higher the risk gets of it malfunctioning. As they say, “Ain’t no one got time for that.”

A malfunction could potentially cause some serious damage to the priceless carpet it’s supposed to be cleaning, or worse, cause injury to the person using it.

Unfortunately, there are carpet cleaning companies out there who try to use these machines past their “best by” date, so to speak, as a means to saving some extra moola.

Keep an eye out for this in your search for a commercial carpet cleaning company. The best commercial carpet cleaning companies in Phoenix place a high priority on their equipment.

3. Experience Is As Important As The Equipment Itself

Believe it or not, there is a lot of knowledge and experience that plays into the best commercial carpet cleaning.

Don’t assume that any ‘ol company will do a good job just because they have advertising and some nice reviews! Do your research.

Being a commercial carpet cleaning technician is far from a mindless job.

They possess a lot of knowledge, precision, and are careful in their work. Some cleaning equipment is complicated and if the technician isn’t adequately trained, mistakes CAN and will happen.

Today, carpet cleaning is much more scientific than it used to be. As we said above, individual carpet manufacturers have their own recommendations unique to their product. Experience and training is as important as the cleaning equipment itself!

Cleaning carpet isn’t the same as mowing a lawn, for example. It’s more complicated. Proper training is imperative and is a mark of the best commercial carpet cleaning companies in Phoenix.

4. Careless With Chemicals

Perhaps one of the most important factors in choosing a commercial carpet cleaning company is finding what cleaning agent they use in their carpet cleaning process.

Certain chemicals have certain purposes. One particular chemical may be appropriate for one situation, but may not be for another.

Be mindful of any chemicals, detergents, or cleaning agents that a company uses in their process, as it may not be what is best, or suggested, for your specific carpeting.

Careless chemical-use will damage the carpet. Color alteration is one of the most common results of chemical overuse. Knowledge of chemicals and when it’s appropriate to use them is important.

Ideally, you want a company whose carpet cleaning methods do not use chemicals at all. This will ensure that your carpet will stay as fresh and new-looking as possible, so you’ll never have to get a carpet replacement!

5. Don’t Procrastinate!

SURPRISE! This rule applies to you – the person in charge of choosing a commercial carpet cleaning company!

Don’t wait too long! It’s very common. We as humans, like to procrastinate getting the carpets cleaned, and like to wait for the “right time”. Just know that your office carpets are dirtier than they appear to be, my friend.

Carpets are deceitful that way. They are sneaky at hiding dirt and grime! Regularly scheduled cleaning is absolutely necessary, particularly with commercial carpet cleaning.

Figure out a schedule; three times a year, for example. Whatever you feel is appropriate for the space in question. Don’t wait until it starts to look bad and has a funky odor to it.

If it looks or smells unappealing, you’ve waited much too long. That means dirt and grime have been building up and have reached the point of visibility and “smell-ability”.

This is way past stage 1 dirty. That’s stage 5 dirty man, and it’s time for you to find a commercial carpet cleaning company in Phoenix.

6 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in Phoenix

6. Spontaneity Is Not Always A Good Thing

Along with the procrastination tip above, this rule again applies to you in choosing a Phoenix commercial carpet cleaning company. Sorry, not sorry…

Don’t choose the first company you see!

Sometimes we procrastinate and wait a bit too long in our carpet cleaning endeavors, do minimal research, and pick the best looking one in the Google search. No Bueno.

This increases your chances of having a bad experience. We’re not saying that you need to do exhaustive research on every company in Phoenix.

But we are saying that you need to do some research on every company you’re considering. What kind of customer service do they have? Are people who have used them saying good things about them? Or do you see a pattern of negative feedback?

Granted, there are some things that are impossible to know without experiencing their service. But it doesn’t hurt to inform yourself. Not only does it not hurt, but it puts you at an advantage.

It gives you an advantage in making sure you have a good experience with whoever you choose. You can tell by doing a little digging that a company is passionate about what they do and the people they serve.

That they deal honestly. That they pride themselves in their work. Even calling them is a good idea, even if you’re not quite ready to make a decision. You can get a good read on the level of commitment by speaking to someone on the phone.

Choose Zerorez® Phoenix Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in Phoenix

Speaking of pride in their work, did someone say Zerorez® Phoenix?

Ah yes, we DO take pride in our work. Our customer service is superior, technicians are knowledgeable and experienced and our equipment is state-of-the-art. Oh, and did we mention we don’t use harmful or toxic chemicals in our cleaning process?

Check, Check, Checkity-check!

Safe for kids, safe for pets, and safe for the environment. No reappearing stains, crunchy carpet, or harsh chemicals. Stays clean longer. Dries faster. Gets more out. Guaranteed.

We are confident in our commercial carpet cleaning services!

We’re so confident in fact, that if you’re not satisfied with the job we do, we give you 30 days to tell us with our Gotta Love it Guarantee®. We’ll return to your beautiful Phoenix office, and retreat any and all areas you tell us to!

In your search for finding the best commercial carpet cleaning company in Phoenix, we hope you consider Zerorez® Phoenix!


There’s no way that you can guarantee a perfect experience, even if you do exhaustive research on every company available in Phoenix!

But you can drastically decrease the chances of something unsatisfactory taking place, by being informed and asking questions!

Zerorez® Phoenix is here to help you keep your eyes peeled when making this huge decision for your company’s carpets. We hope our 6 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in Phoenix was helpful to you in your carpet endeavors!

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Written by: Leah Roberts