Oh, summer break. Placed perfectly in the state of Arizona to allow for 6-9 weeks of blazing heat, freedom for kids, and endless amounts of “I’m bored”. Instead of pulling your hair out just keep on reading, you may find something in the next 500 words or so that will help keep your kids entertained, and you, happy.  Here are 5 ways to stave off summer boredom!


Play Play Play

The best thing you can do to keep kids from getting bored during the break is to have them entertain each other! Set up play dates with family, friends, and neighbors or help siblings find common ground to play better together. Some video game time of course can be fun but, imaginative play simulates those developing brains and help kiddos have a memorable summer. If you think back to when you were a kid was it playing video games that you remember? Or was it running around the backyard as a superhero saving the world from the worst supervillain it’s ever faced? Yeah me too. 

It’s easy to find ways to stimulate their play as well without having to buy them a department store full of toys. What about all those Amazon boxes you have piling up waiting to get into the recycle bin? That’s not just trash my friend, that’s soon-to-be cars, forts, and hideouts. And those empty 2-liter bottles you have, those look a lot like some rocket packs to me! Get creative, and when in doubt think back to when you were a kid, what would get your imagination going? Then do that!


Fun Learning

If having fun is good, then learning while you’re doing it is even better right? That’s where this tip comes in. Believe it or not, there are a lot of veggies that will happily grow through the summer here in Arizona. This would be the time to get your kids out there and start a garden. They will have fun getting dirty while digging holes and planting seeds. They will enjoy being a part of the tending process, helping to water, pick weeds and keep bugs at bay. Then they will be amazed to see the fruits of their efforts… or the veggies of their efforts? As they see the first seedlings sprout and watch them grow into yummy healthy foods. This is a great example of fun learning. 

Another one may be to get some bird feeders and try to identify the different birds that show up to have a snack! In the evenings when the weather is cooler you can take “nature” walks around your neighborhood and try to identify the different plants and trees around, or answer all those big questions kids have like “why is the sky blue” or “what is the sun?”


Housework… Yes… That’s What I Said

Okay, it may be summer, but housework still has to be done right? Create a boredom jar packed with popsicle sticks. Have each stick marked with a chore and placed Upside down in the jar. When a kiddo comes to you about being bored, have them pick a stick out. Or, just make a daily chore jar and everyone gets to pick from it every day. 

If jars aren’t your thing you can create a list for your kids to do each day. You can include things on there like reading time, acts of service, crafts or projects, and of course, simple chores. Make sure you’ve got some free time in there too, because well, it is summer after all. 

As a mom myself one thing that used to make me nervous about some chores was how are my kids going to do them properly without chemicals. I don’t want to hand my kids the stuff they need to get the bathroom clean… so then I kind of need to do the chemical part… and then they’re not really doing it are they? No… Well, with Zr Water® I don’t have that fear. I can hand them one of the spray bottles of Zr Water to complete practically any chores on their list without the fear that they might drink it, or spray at each other. Because, with Zr Water, there are no harsh chemicals and it is safe enough to drink! (But hey, let’s not do that)

Zr Water®

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Make a Day Of It

If you just need to get the kids out of the house for a while check out your local rec center. They typically have day camps that you can sign your kids up for, that are both affordable and engaging. You should be able to find something for a kid with any interests and it will give you that little break you’re looking for. 

You may also want to check out your child’s school to see if they have day camps available as many of the schools in The Valley do. However, they do have limits on the number of children that can attend and they tend to fill up quickly. 

Another option could be your local Boys and Girls Club. They have day camp programs to keep kids active and having fun all summer long. 


Visit The Library

Libraries are great ways for kids to continue stretching their minds throughout the summer break while having some fun too. Get the kiddos their own library card and teach them about checking out books and returning them on time. Most libraries also have reading events and other classes during the summer and on weekends for kids to attend. 


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