The truth is, most people REALLY don’t like cleaning.

It’s exhausting, it’s ungrateful, it’s monotonous (and let’s face it, we’re all a wee bit lazy sometimes). We also don’t like living in a pile of slop either do we?

But here’s the thing: cleaning doesn’t have to be boring, and it has to be done either way right? So perhaps with a few simple ways to make it less dreadful and a few cleaning games, it is possible—maybe even fun—to make the most boring chores bearable.

Especially the drag of tile cleaning are we right?!

So Zerorez® Phoenix, Professional Tile Cleaning Services Phoenix, has done a little investigating and found 5 Ways to Make Tile Cleaning Fun and here they are:

#1 Play Music or an Audiobook

We imagine most people do this when they clean right? So this may be a bit redundant.

But on the off chance that you are the person standing alone in dead silence, who gets stuck with the job of cleaning the kitchen after dinner when everyone has parted ways? Then perhaps this one’s for you, my lonely friend.

Just grab your phone and throw on some music or your currently-listening-to Audiobook while you’re cleaning alone! Shoot– even if you’re not alone!

And if you’re deep cleaning, and you know the task of scrubbing out that tile grout with a toothbrush is going to take a few hours, music or an audiobook is the way to go.

There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in another world or cleaning along to the perfect melody. It allows your mind to focus on something else, other than the monotony of cleaning, and get lost in mindless musical tile cleaning bliss!

Am I right?!

#2 Reward Yourself (or others?)

Now obviously tile cleaning isn’t the ideal way to spend your day, but it’s most certainly necessary for the health and cleanliness of your home and family.

But if that reason alone isn’t good enough for you, why not try a reward system, whether for yourself or others in your household!

For example, maybe every time you clean the tile, you reward yourself by getting a massage after or getting your nails done. You can even persuade the kids to get some much-needed tile cleaning time in, in exchange for a new toy or game.

That gets ’em every time.

Most people only clean their tile floors once a month (at least we hope they do), so you get the heavy, hard scrubbing out of the way so that you can treat-yo-self to that blissful back massage!

#3 Create a Rewards Chart

Combine this tip, with the reward yourself tip above, and you will get the most magical results.

How’s about you and the fam sit down and write out a reward chart of sorts, that results in some motivation to clean? You can make this any way you want.

As an example, each column can have a chore, and every row can represent what reward you can receive if that chore is completed!

It’s fun for the whole family and great for cleaning in a timely fashion! Yes, that includes the adults too (but that could be a separate reward chart if you so please…).

You can reward the family in any way you wish! Say Junior finishes cleaning the tile and did a good job, you can now look at that row and column and see what he gets for completing that chore.

Maybe that’s candy, cash, new toys, an activity they want to do, or place they want to go to, etc. Or it could be as simple as staying up 30 minutes past bedtime or picking dinner for tomorrow night.

No kids? No worries! Make an adult reward chart, which can include date nights, flowers, massages, margaritas, etc.. The possibilities are endless!

Racing against the clock and having incentives is a great way to encourage the whole family to clean, not to mention getting it done faster than you normally would.

#4 Work it Out

Are you stuck between wanting to work out, but knowing that you HAVE to clean the tile before your guests arrive tonight?

Well lucky for you, your decision got easier! Cleaning and exercise sort of come hand in hand – cleaning is a bit of a work out all in itself.

Cleaning burns calories!

When you’re cleaning your tile, you’re up on your feet, walking back and forth, climbing up and down, lifting and carrying, and sweating a little bit!

So why not turn that frown upside down, and turn this physical activity into a workout? Strap on your pedometer to track your steps, or use your smartphone, Apple Watch, Fit Bit– whatever it might be!

Track your steps during your house and tile cleaning. Aim to go a hundred more steps each time, or incorporate more workouts during your cleaning.

You can do this by setting a timer to go off every 5 or 10 minutes to indicate that it’s time for a short 1-minute workout- that could be a quick spurt of squats or jogging in place.

Tile cleaning is about to whip ya back in shape, woot woot!

#5 Make it a Game

In the same realm as turning cleaning into a workout, you can make house and tile cleaning into a game! It sounds cheesy but cleaning CAN be fun with the right attitude!

The best part about cleaning games is that it’s a great way to involve the whole family, whether that’s your siblings, your spouse, your children or your roommate.

This can be done in soooo many different fun games.

You could try cleaning Jenga?

Oh THIS is a good one! What kid (or adult) doesn’t like Jenga? Make it even more thrilling by writing a chore or cleaning activity on the side of each log in a Jenga stack that assigns the chores to be done after the tower falls down!

Treasure hunts are always fun.

Kids love the annual Easter egg hunts every year already, so why not embrace it more than once a year by turning it into a cleaning activity?

Go ahead and hide new toys or treat around the house! The only way the kids can discover these goodies is if they clean the house to get to them!

Did someone say laundry race

Whoever said laundry can’t be fun? Turn that dirty drab into fab, with a laundry cleaning race for the whole family.

On your marks, get set… go!

Shout out a color, and watch the kids hustle off to their rooms. The winner is the first of your mini-me’s to come back with all their dirty laundry in the requested color.

It’s a fun and exciting (and competitive) way to sort the dirty laundry before washing!

Keep a points chart somewhere.

Make up a chart full of cleaning tasks, and assign each chore with a certain number of points it’s worth. At the end of the week, whoever has the most points receives some type of prize!

Nothing like free stuff right (in exchange for labor?).

Professional Tile Cleaning Services Phoenix

Professional Tile Cleaning Services phoenix 5 Ways to Make Tile Cleaning Fun tile photo

We hope you enjoyed our 5 Ways to Make Tile Cleaning Fun!

As much as we want to keep our tile floors looking clean and fabulous all on our own, there comes a time when it takes a professional to keep our tile looking the best it can.

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