After this crazy year, who isn’t ready for a reset? Because we sure are!

We’re sure that, much like us, many of you did not get to complete your 2020 New Years resolutions– who could’ve? And if you did, you deserve a bakers dozen of cupcakes because that was no easy feat!

With that, there has never been a year more deserving of some fresh New Years Resolutions For Your Home than 2021! So let’s get started–

Keeping the Carpet Clean

Carpet can be a huge chore and such a drag. Much like the chores above, people overlook and put off cleaning the carpets until the very last minute.

This is definitely one hefty chore that should find it’s way onto your 2021 New Years Resolutions For Your Home!

Just like any of the above 2021 resolutions that are making their way onto your list, cleaning the carpets is a matter of your family’s health– especially after this year! Carpets are notorious for holding germs and bacteria, so be sure to make this a priority this year.

Carpet May Hold up to 200,000 Bacteria Per Square Inch. That is about 4000 times more than your toilet.

Yuck! Depending on how groady your carpets are, perhaps it’s time to start saving and then replacing your carpets altogether in 2021!

Cleaning your carpets is another one of those hefty tasks that you can either do yourself, but if you’re not feeling up to it, go ahead and have Zerorez® Phoenix professional carpet cleaners solve the problem for you, so you can cross it off your list.

Deep Cleaning The Granite Counters

Fun Fact: Did you know that U.S. restaurants are not allowed to install granite surfaces in their food preparation areas?

Wondering why right?

Stone surfaces are porous in nature, and this allows bacteria and other harmful germs and pathogens to easily slip in those pores to grow and, eventually, reach the surface area where you prepare food! Agh!

And as much as we like to try, sometimes wiping down those surfaces with a sponge and some cleaners really don’t do the job quite right. So how about New Years Resolution For Your Home #3 is deep cleaning those granite pores out thoroughly?

It is believed that a good high-pressure wash and extraction should do the trick in completely cleaning those pores out. Speaking of which…

Pressure washing with Zerorez®’s patented alkaline water, Powered® Water, followed by high powered extraction is the only way to make doubly sure that dirt and residue are permanently removed from the pores of your beautiful granite counters!

And, as we mentioned above, although different types of stone require different ways and products of cleaning, you can never go wrong cleaning with high pressured alkaline water.

Zerorez® can make your stone counters and tile even cleaner and hygienic with our exceptional, nano-technology sealer, applied by our trained professionals. Our proprietary product actually fills the porous areas of your stone surfaces that we discussed and stops the bacteria from moving within the stone material.

This also kills and suffocates that bacteria at the time the stone is sealed and keeps other bacteria from getting in there and making themselves at home!

No one else comes close to cleaning natural stone the way Zerorez® Phoenix does.

Freshening Up the Tile Grout

That’s right– it’s as gross as it sounds! De-muckifying your tile grout is also an important one to add to your 2020 New Years Resolutions For Your Home.

Can you remember a time that your tile grout looked like the bottom left corner of this photo?

Of course not! Our tile grout steadily blackens, growing dirtier and dirtier over time, and because that process is slow, we hardly notice it’s happening.

We grow used to the tile grout being so dark and don’t question it.

But it’s not supposed to be black my friends. Your tile grout is most certainly supposed to be white and clean just like the bottom half of that photo.

Go ahead and add tile and tile grout cleaning to your new year’s resolution list! Another rather hefty task to complete in 2021!

And if you don’t feel like getting down on your hands and knees with a toothbrush, hire your local professional tile cleaning company, Zerorez® Phoenix, to do it for you!

Immaculate Ornate Rugs

Having clean rugs, carpets, and just all-around flooring in your home is extremely important for the health of your family– and we all want this 2020 madness to subside and get back to normal right? Well, the first step is within the home.

Area rugs and carpets contain a TON of hidden germs and bacteria– and just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

Rugs act as a sort of filter in your home; collecting dust, dander, dirt particles, and germs that have been linked to the nose, sinus, and breathing problems such as asthma or allergies, and can often be reservoirs of bacteria or viruses!

Sure vacuuming your rugs and carpets regularly certainly does help. But these specific particles and bacteria bury themselves deep into the fabric fibers and accumulate over a period of time.

These embedded particles and bacteria can only be removed through professional-grade products that reach deep into the fibers to clean and sanitize your area rugs!

So why not go ahead and add some professional ornate rug cleaning onto that 2021 New Years Resolutions list?

Zerorez® Phoenix Can Help!

There you have it– 2021 New Years Resolutions For Your Home with Zerorez® Phoenix.

It’s much more time, and cost, effective to stay on top of the major systems that contribute to a well-maintained home, isn’t it? I.E. those floors girl!

Rather than procrastinating on your resolutions and catching up later, let’s finally make it our new year’s resolution to take care of all of the household chores and tasks that we’ve been meaning to get to all year long, now, in 2021.

Zerorez® Phoenix is here to help you do it. Simply give us a call, and let us handle the harder, more obnoxious tasks of carpet, tile, and tile grout cleaning that need to get done in 2020!